Model Description:

The SERIES TC100 TISCO Double Contact Pressure Gauge is designed for control of pressure and audible or visible alarms by switching on and off action. Electric contacts pressure gauge is widely used to petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical electric power fields and so forth, or applied to measurement pressure of fluid medium in the machine. Usually, electric contact prêssure gauge matches with relevant electrical apparatus, for instance, relay and contactor.
The instrument is consisted of measurement system, indicating system, electric contact parts system, case, adjustment system, junction box (socket) and otherwise.
The principle is that under the conditions of medium pressure, bourdon tube will show the measured value in the dial by gear wheel equipment. In the meanwhile, the pointer of instrument will make dynamic contact touch or cut with static one (upper limits or lower limits),leading to the cut and turn-on of control system for the purpose of automatic control and alarm.

Benifits and Features:

Tisco Pressure Gauges are EN 837 Standard Gauges, economical and dependable gauges used by constructionand HVAC industries.

Design and operation:

>4″ (100mm) &  6″ (150mm) Dial Size
>‡1.6% FSD Accuracy
>Stainless Case
>Single Or Double Electrical Contact
>Voltage: 250V max. Rating: 30W (DC), 50 VA (AC)
>Current Rating: 0.75 Amp max