Model Description:

The SERIES TC200 TISCO Test Pressure Gauges are manufactured to the very highest standards and are used to test pressures of tanks, pipes fittings and in laboratories. The precision test pressure gauges have a high-grade measuring element. The pressure proportional elastic deformation of the Bourdon tube is transmitted through a low friction movement to the knife edge pointer. The gauges can be used with non aggressive gaseous or liquid, but not with highly viscous or crystallizing media.
These gauges are used in Laboratories and Industries by Inspecting authorities, for pressure gauge calibration and laboratory measurement.

Benifits and Features:

Tisco Pressure Gauges are EN 837 Standard Gauges, economical and dependable gauges used by constructionand HVAC industries.

Design and operation:

>6″ (150mm) &  10″ (200mm) Dial Size
>‡0.25% FSD Accuracy
>Stainless or Cast Alluminium Case
>Black Aluminium, Knife Edge Pointer
>Copper Alloy Bourdon Tube (Wetted Part)
>ASME B40.100 and EN837-1 Compliant