Model Description:

TISCO Gauge Saver is also sometimes called as Over Load Protector . It cuts off pressure rises above the desired pressure value (pre-set value) thus preventing failure of pressure gauge and stops possible damages such as hazardous leakages, explosions etc.
The Gauge Saver shuts off the system with quick and positive action of built in push-rod device. As and when, the pressure falls below the pre-set pressure value, the line and/or the pressure gauge is automatically put in to operation again.

Benifits and Features:

Tisco Pressure Gauges are EN 837 Standard Gauges, economical and dependable gauges used by constructionand HVAC industries.

Design and operation:

>In-Line Installation
>Nominal Pressure: 6000 psi
>Size: 1/2″
>Material: SS316