Model Description:

TISCO V-Line thermometer is widely used in HVAC and other industries for general heating and cooling applications. Typical applications will be in shipping, diesel engines, refrigeration and heating plants, power station turbines and the petrochemical industry. Its design Consists of an aluminium body, brass colour, with brass or stainless steel stem. Indication by means of liquid column in a glass tube.

Design and operation:

>Body: Aluminium, Brass Colour, with temperature scale printed on one side
>Body Length: 150mm & 200mm
>Straight bottom or 90° angle back insertion
>Stem Material: Brass & SS316
>Dual scale reading in°C and °F: -30+50° C, 0…60°/120°/160°/200°C&F
>Organic blue liquid filled for easy reading



Benifits and Features:

Tisco Pressure Gauges are EN 837 Standard Gauges, economical and dependable gauges used by constructionand HVAC industries.